10th Jan 2020


There were times when my life took turns organically without any hesitation about the next step. The voices in my mind subsided at such times; it […]
17th Nov 2019

Beyond the boat – The meaning and purpose of the Midgard Expedition

It’s about so much more than the boat. What if you were to make every decision, I mean EVERY decision in your life as if you […]
17th Nov 2019

Who is #VikingGirl? – A brief introduction to Susanne Williams

Crewing on #TheMidgardExpedition with Bjorn Heyerdahl and astonishing crew. Incredibly proud, clearly humbled. Training hard. #VikingGirl
30th Oct 2019

An expedition to explore the possibilities

This is an expedition to explore the possibilities for transcendence and inclusion of all that we are: to honour the noble savage Viking that keeps us […]
30th Oct 2019

The Midgard Expedition is a venture to explore

The Midgard Expedition is a venture to explore, research, document, educate, engage, groom and illustrate humankind’s healthful integration with the Biosphere. The expedition research vessel is […]
10th Oct 2019

Sustainable living and Midgard training in the Wilds of northern Minnesota

Siffy and I have been living in the wilds of northern Minnesota off grid for 6 months now. We are a mile inland from Lake Superior […]
9th Oct 2019

Viking carving with master Jay Haavik

Recently I had the honor to study Viking wood carving with master Jay Haavik at the North House Folk school in Grand Marais, MN. Jay was […]
9th Oct 2019

A Modern Viking Saga

Several years ago I applied to sail on the Viking ship Draken. Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected and ended up lecturing on a cruise ship in Patagonia. […]
9th Oct 2019

10km Erg rowing machine trial