What is the return on investment for Sponsors and donors?

Brand association with the most important venture of our time that is lead and crewed by the most iconic, accomplished, experienced and influential explorers of our day. Companies can support, be associated with and learn from the highest order ethics, ecological sustainability, regenerative practices, trans-disciplinary education and real lived adventure.

Companies will gain exposure in a multi media global communications programme including multiple websites, social media, documentary film and TV series, print media, books and scholarly articles, public events, summits, concerts and education programmes.

The knowledge that without a doubt this is the most efficient and impactful spend on social responsibility budget possible. The Midgard Expedition is the cutting edge of integral, ethical and global stewardship. It is a full modelling demonstration of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement and the Earth Charter.

The return on investment for this intention is the regeneration of our ailing planet and the elevation of our global population from ignorant, destructive consumers to proactive, informed, co-creators of a robust, diverse system of life.

The integral nature of this expedition and its affiliate organisations for education, demonstration and implementation of the highest intentions of humanity, ensures confidence that no better and more timely investment in humankind’s future could be made.

There are, of course, also the obvious tax benefits and measurable delivery of services from the non-profit organisation.

All of this will be delivered through an entertaining, inspiring adventure followed by an engaged, motivated audience from all walks of life.

If there is a better spend on social responsibility, education or advertising budgets we would like to hear about it.

The Vikings are coming …


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