9th Dec 2019

Training for tone & flow – Plyometric running in the mountains

More pleasure equals greater range. Systema meets mountain running meets #VikingGirl Plyometric body conditioning – Proprioception, Toughness, mobility, explosivity, endurance, flow, Pleasure. JOY. Mountain running for #TheMidgardExpedition […]
17th Nov 2019

Beyond the boat – The meaning and purpose of the Midgard Expedition

It’s about so much more than the boat. What if you were to make every decision, I mean EVERY decision in your life as if you […]
17th Nov 2019

Who is #VikingGirl? – A brief introduction to Susanne Williams

Crewing on #TheMidgardExpedition with Bjorn Heyerdahl and astonishing crew. Incredibly proud, clearly humbled. Training hard. #VikingGirl